Thursday, January 28, 2010

Face Crack

So it's the end of winter and I finally got a skin regiment down. Well give me some credit, I was in Liberia for a month in the land of humidity. I touched down in Atlanta at the peak of the ice storm. Just my luck. As soon as I stepped off the plane my face started to flake, and no amount of Aveeno could stop it. Below are my new favorite winter products and skin solutions, and trust me, I've tested damn near everything in your neighborhood beauty store. I know we're supposed to get more snow next Friday, so this give you a couple days to try one or two newbies out. I know, I know, I'm too kind for sharing these secrets.

Thick does the body good: Bath and Body Works' Lay it on Thick, Shea Butter Lotion :: $20

So this is my old faithful body lotion. Truthfully, you lather this on and you will never be ashy again in life, or at least until your next shower. I've tried many $3 drugstore lotions and maybe my African skin doesn't do well with them, but trust me, if you purchase this product you may forget what Jergens is. I like it because it's not that hard, pure shea butter, but it's spreadable and still thick. Read about it here:

Buffing Stuff: MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator :: $22

I love baby bottom skin, and this exfoliator gives me that feeling everywhere. I read about it on, one of my absolute favorite beauty blogs, and after testing the product I feel the same way Daneen feels. It's awesome!! It's a tough, black exfoliator but when you work it into your skin it forms a cool lather, gentle enough for your face. The only downside is that it is truly a limited edition product, so ladies grab it when you can.

There's Hope: Philosophy's Hope in a Jar (for dry, sensitive skin) :: $38

I've fallen in love with 2oz of cream, and as the tagline says I "believe in miracles" now. I pretty much live in Sephora, and I asked the associate with the super dewy skin "how come you look so good?!?" She gave me this product and we've been happily beating Atlanta weather ever since. It feels good, smells good, and makes me look healthy. I've found my face saver :) Read about it here:

The Cure for the Cracked Kisser: MAC Lip Conditioner :: $13.50

I was experiencing a severe Gucci Mane, chapped lip issue. And I love LOVE lip color but there's nothing worse than a flaky red lip. So I found this A-MA-ZING lip balm, and yes it's better than old school Carmex. It doesn't shine too much, and you don't have to keep applying it to feel the difference. And it's MAC which makes it 20 times more official. Read about it here:

The most exciting of all facial remedies: The Float Experience

So I have an awesome aunt that paid for an hour and a half facial for me to enjoy at Float: The Affordable Spa Experience in the Highlands. Can I just say that if anyone is looking for an additional monthly expense, this would be the one to add. My face was glowing and looking extremely radiant after I was through. It was amazing, relaxing, and rejuvenating for me and my skin. I was relaxed, but more than that the specialists gave me little tips on how to keep my skin clear and fresh. Did you know you should change your pillowcases three times a week? Or that drinking cold water dries you out? Me either. Your first one hour experience there is $39, making it completely worth trying out. I hear they do wonderful massages also, but I reserve massages for foreplay... that's a whole 'nother post. Check Float out here:

Problem solved. I'm addicted to everything here like Amy Winehouse is to everything else.

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