Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is it Just Me?

... Or are men full of shit these days?

This week the public went crazy after finding out Elin wanted $750 million dollars to ease her pain and end the marriage with Tiger. Yeah $750 million dollars is a lot of money, but I think once a man cheats, he loses all negotiating power. I mean, would she have been more worthy of such a settlement had she caught an STD? Why are men so quick to say Elin’s wrong for this? Helloooo. He cheated. My physical health is worth more than half your income. The vows we made before God are worth everything else and then some. You shouldn’t expect me to simply walk away knowing you’re an asshole, I need you to remember the woman you did this to.

Take Swizz and Mashonda: Alicia Keys is one of the baddest chicks ever. Beleedat. But when the man is married why can’t he respect his relationship and keep himself from being ontop of another woman? It’s like being married isn’t enough to expect exclusivity. You have to move to a barren island to keep your man to yourself these days.

If this is what it is, I don’t want it. A girl I know said, “show me a faithful man, and I’ll show you his mistress.” Even though at first it seemed like a harsh quote, the more I see the unfortunate trysts of apparently beautiful couples, I’m left to wonder how quickly the beauty of a marriage may end after the white dress comes off. Maybe women are entering into relationships expecting bad behavior, and drawing into their lives the negative energy they think about. Maybe we check cell phones and emails for messages that aren't really there. Maybe we make up his late night activities to stir our own insecurities. Or maybe men are full of shit.

Here's an excerpt from Robert Greene's The Art of Seduction.

The Seductive Character -- The Ideal Lover :: Most people have dreams in their youth that get shattered or worn down with age. They find themselves disappointed by people, events, reality, which cannot match their youthful ideals. Ideal lovers thrive on people’s broken dreams, which become lifelong fantasies. You long for romance? Adventure? Lofty spiritual communication? The ideal lover reflects your fantasy. He or she is an artist in creating the illusion you require. In a world of disenchantment and baseness, there is limitless seductive power in following the path of the Ideal Lover.

So I need an Ideal Lover, and full of shit men need not apply. If you cheat on me, I’m taking more than half, and will happily go to court to fight your cheating ass for it. Is it just me?


  1. Amen. I haven't met a real gentleman with good intentions since...EVER. It makes me incredibly skeptical about marriage. I think now that the life expectancy has increased, people should can wait longer to get married. It's been proven that couples that wait until their thirties (when they've finally matured and reached major career goals) have longer, healthier relationships.

  2. Good food for thought. Get all the games out of your system and then look for the lifetime partner. No harm there.

  3. That is so vindictive! How does cheating equate to taking all of the money that HE accumulate over the years? Settlement yes, all no way!

    It's going to be hard to expect a man that is worth almost a Billion to resist the thousands of women that throw themselves at him.... Are all men F.O.S. no but a lot of us are sorry to say. Pick your poison.