Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things I’m Loving Right Now: Brazilian Wax

I know some of you were looking for the oral sex issue, and it’s coming, but how can the first thing I write about this month be such a sexual topic? I still have to think about my mom reading this you know. To ease you into the cold water of private-part talk, I decided to start slower, with harmless hair pulling from the vagina. Don’t fret, your favorite guilty pleasure blog will still provide.

I’m a fan of the Brazilian wax, and so are many of my friends and family in Atlanta. Maybe there’s something to be said about emerging from the salon looking like a five-year old girl, and maybe it’s just a curious naked change a woman can make. Either way, if you’re wearing a small swimsuit this summer (which I definitely am), I recommend trying the Brazilian wax at least once, and here is your confidence guide to taking it all off.

First, pick your salon:
I’ve been to three places in Atlanta for a Brazilian wax, and although the end result has always been the same, bare vagina, the processes have all been extremely different.

Hair Images off North Druid Hills : $32 – Hair Images is THE place to go to get an amazing eyebrow threading with mediocre customer service. However, behind the rows of threading chairs there are rooms where they rip hair from your cooch. Literally, they rip it. My very first Brazilian in the world was at Hair Images. Hair Images uses the wax strips, which were super painful, and they double dip the applicator into the wax heater, which isn’t very sterile. The pain I endured was phenomenal and the cosmetologist told me to stop squirming because I was annoying her. Pros: It was cheap and my hair was gone. Cons: I love myself too much to put myself through that place again.

Sweet Samba on Monroe Dr : $35 for your first time, $48 after that – Sweet Samba is the salon that makes you feel like a pretty princess. If you can find a parking space to the little house on Monroe, you’re met with big smiles and a glass of wine if the city hasn’t stopped them from serving that perk. With an in-house boutique and TV’s over each waxing bed, Sweet Samba has bells and whistles for sure. Luckily they have the hard wax instead of the strips, which is a little (and I mean little) less painful. The chatty cosmetologists make you feel super comfortable as they snip and wax all your privates, and you can’t miss the friendly sign over the register reminding customers to tip. Pros: It’s too cute to hate. Cons: The price jump for returning customers makes me only a first time customer.

Brazilian Wax by Andreia : $35 – Everyone’s passed this salon on their way to Lenox Mall. It’s got bright pink letters that explain their specialty service, and in my quick visit I became a fan. In short, I had never considered going regularly until I spread my legs on their table. The cosmetologist wasn’t very chatty, but she was so quick I forgot to feel pain. Before I could flinch the hair was gone. My baby girl was bare, and my tummy too at no additional charge. Andreia’s salon prides themselves on taking less than 15 minutes for the process, and the nerves on my va-jay-jay thank them for that. Pros: They’re good at what they do. Cons: The experience is so fast, you may not feel pampered.

Second, you may want to choose your own place to get it done:
There are a few things you will want to check out when choosing a Brazilian wax salon.

  • Read the reviews of the salon. This isn’t a place you want to blaze trails, this is your vagina. Make sure the people who are handling yours have ample experience handling others.
  • Know what you are asking for. A Brazilian wax leaves a landing strip. If you want all your hair removed, request a Hollywood wax or simply say “take it all off.”
  • Make sure the salon is sterile. There should be a paper on the bed where you will be waxed, and the salon should still clean the bed between each client. Your wax should come in its own disposable container if the cosmetologist is using the same waxing stick. If she’s using wax in a heating pot, she should never put the same stick in the pot twice, because… eew.
Last, prepare yourself!
  • Book your appointment for one week after your period ends for your own sake. It’s less painful right at that time, and any leverage you can get on this end will be greatly appreciated.
  • Take 2 advil an hour before “show” time if you’re uber sensitive.
  • Be clean! Shower two hours before your appointment. Any later and you will sweat on the table, and it’s always polite to freshen up.
  • Afterward, rub an aloe lotion all over your waxed areas, just so they don’t stick together.

My crazy wax stories:
  • The first time I got waxed, I was definitely on the phone with a friend for comfort. I screamed and squealed right into my blackberry.
  • I kind of wish the women at Andreia’s would talk a bit more. It’s like I invited you into my secret garden and you didn’t even buy me dinner first. Come on. What's my last name at least?
  • I’m always stuck together afterward. Cosmetologists always recommend waiting a few hours before putting hot water down there to separate yourself, but give me a break! It’s a weird feeling, and aloe cream makes me tingle.
  • I like to look at the finished product. Don’t tell anyone. It’s kind of weird to be hairless! And kind of hot and Brazilian all at the same time!


  1. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    I mean, I've never had one but I'm definitely a Brazilian fan. Let em know.

  2. I've always been interested in a brazilian wax, I'm just too scared of the pain. But, what is a landing strip?

  3. A landing strip is like a line coming down the middle where some hair is still left intact. The pain isn't that bad! Make sure they're really fast though!

  4. BRAZILIAN's all the way!! Honestly I cannot imagine life without them... Don't they make you feel so empowered?! No worries about the 15min treatment... I've had one bad experience in Nigeria- Which ended up being 45mins and I ended up with a Hollywood... But still... The job was done!

    I'm so glad I've found another Power Ranger like me!

  5. I'm going to Miami next week, I'm definitely going to try a Brailzian Wax (even though my bf says he won't like me naked down there).

    I hope I can find a nice place here in Michigan, I will be piss if my first time is a bad experience, I will walk not without paying, lol

  6. Brazilians by Andreia all the way! I go to the one off of Powers ferry i think, off roswell. You are so right about your critique, the lady barely said anything to me when she did mine, I was the 'chatty Kathy' lol, tryna put myself at ease. But it went by soooo fast, maybe cause she didnt count me off every time she ripped! The pain, semi excruciating in some areas, in some others not so much, lol, but I LOVE the end result. A lil trick i do to sorta ease the pain during is to pinch my arm, pain in one area of your body i guess kinda takes away from another. Great review :-)

  7. I'll try it Simone! Niesha how did your Brazilian go??

  8. Loved it! Definitely doing it again!

  9. Great to know that you enjoyed your Brazilian wax experience huh? And as I've read through your post, their customer service is good as well. Even salons and spa's nowadays are really doing well when it comes to serving their clients. Even some other industries like food and beverage, clothing, retailing and
    call centers perform very well in the fields of customer service.

  10. I agree with you, Archel! Choosing your own wax salon is a big step especially if it’s your first time. It’s actually better if it’s recommended by a friend because you have proof that they do their job well. In addition to Advil, request a numbing cream to help you ease the pain. Good luck, ladies!

    Justine Cricks