Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Price of Loyalty

TI and Tiny were arrested today. Details here, but in summary, the cops smelled the kush, then found the pills, and the rest met me on CNN this morning.

Her blonde weave looks STUPIDfly here I may add.

The whole situation makes me throw their year into review, and question how much thick and thin a lady should experience. Let's reflect.

  • In the winter, there was his jail time. Black folks were screaming "Free TI," but he served less than a year for something that should have guaranteed him Meech-time behind bars.
  • In the spring and summer, we stayed tuned to the Tiny and Toya show, no matter how boring it all got. And when TI became a free man, he bought Tiny out of her BET contract to essentially end our viewing pleasure.
  • At the end of the summer, the couple's big wedding day came and went with like zero pics. The cutest thing that came out of it was her cameo in his newest music video.
TI and Tiny always seemed so devoted to each other. Many people feel TI could find someone more attractive. I can't speak on that. As they both go to jail, you gotta see the loyalty involved with being together. I see her as a true rider for him. Sure, Tiny's spending the money that comes along with TI's $110K appearance fees. She's also raising their kids, and constantly defending her relationship with him. It also has to kill her that she's not living her dream by singing anymore. And then there's the little fact that TI can't seem to stay out of legal trouble. This time he did it with his wife in the passenger side. Truly, where's she gonna be when she posts bond? Checking on her boo, right by his side, because given his past legal history he probably isn't getting out with a simple slap on the wrist.

How many women do you know who would be that loyal to a man? Some women have no problem kissing ass for checks, but I think Tiny's loyalty runs deeper than sponsorship. If it were just about the money, do you think she would still be there? She's still spending a lot of nights in bed alone, even though the heating bill is paid.

Can a truly loyal relationship be bought?

Was Elin disloyal to Tiger by leaving him when his reputation hit rock bottom? Did his lack of loyalty toward her give her the freedom to leave his side? Was Tiger truly disloyal when he cheated as long as he was bringing those checks back to his family? I don't believe Elin didn't know about any affairs before the golf club incident. Do you think her attachment to the sweet life bought loyalty 'til the shit hit the fans? What about Kobe, and Vanessa's beautiful, post- Colorado diamond? How's that for purchased loyalty?

How much does a woman get to put up with before she opts out of being the loyal wife/ girlfriend/ friend?

Or how much does a ride or die chick run for these days?

I have so many questions and very few answers.

So I turn to rap music. I ask the Lox to guide me.

Jokes aside, loyalty is dominated by motives. What you choose to be loyal to is what's going to drive you and your relationships. If the money is the motive, then your relationships will be fake. You will pay for a life that depreciates everyday. But if you're looking for something durable, something faithful and secure, you are what you attract. An ardent love never fails to deliver. That's why some relationships last and others don't. No one's scared Tiny's going to leave Tip. That's the beauty of loyal relationships. They work through the inevitable kinks of life.

Good luck to TI. I just played "Don't You Wanna Be High" on accident and got a little sentimental.


  1. A comment from another blog :

    "Under normal circumstances I would be opposed to holding a woman responsible for what a grown man does, but when it comes to stuff that puts the entire family in jeopardy I can't for the life of me understand why any woman in her right mind would be a party to this foolishness.

    To my mind a wife is supposed to be a stabilizing influence, a rudder to counter some of the crazy isht that men sometimes come up with. Many men operate strictly on the id--they're going to do whatever feels good to them. To hell with the consequences. Typically women are all about the consequences."

    I mostly agree.

    When you have kids, I think this kind of behavior is a bit selfish. Who's looking out for them? Who will care for them when mom is "dying" with dad? Who will check dad to make sure mom isn't raising the kids by herself, whether it's because dad is in jail or dead from making bad decisions?

    Even if you don't have kids, is it better to support any and everything your dude is doing, or "notify the hunter/gather that danger lies ahead?"

  2. That's real. I really didn't think of that.

  3. I think "How far is too far?" is an invalid question when evaluating a "ride or die" chick. Ride or die means she's gonna RIDE (ie; be there) with her man; until he/ she, or they both die. The question actually becomes whether "ride or die" is a smart mantra to live by. And whether the mantra gets modified at various points in your relationship. As a man's girlfriend, you can support him in everything; but still remain separate, and those decisions don't neccesarily affect the direction of your life. As his wife, however, the two of you are inextricably linked; and you have to rethink your "ride".
    KaNisa raises a good point as to the role of a WIFE in a man's life. Tiny; being the perpetual girlfriend/ fiancee, may not yet have taken the time to re-evaluate her role in his life. She's accustomed to the #thuglove mentality that you support your man whether he's right or not. But as a man's wife, you can; and SHOULD step in when he's being stupid and remind him of what you've built together, and essentially keep him focused on what's truly important in life.

    On the other hand, we are all outsiders looking IN on a relationship. The true measure of a relationship comes from the people involved. Whether you fall asleep ensconced in your man's arms, or confident in his love from 2,000 miles away; (as I do 5/7 days a week); the only accurate measure of the success of a relationship is individual to the two people involved. Are they happy? If so, more power to them. She can do her, and I'ma do me. Tiny knows T.I is gonna stand by her regardless, so she does the same for him... I can't knock it; but I will encourage her; and all other feminine halves of a whole; to incite their men to GREATNESS and away from FOOLISHNESS.

  4. hmmm...I mostly agree with the other two comments BUT I will say I think it's easier to ride when it's a Maybach...*kanyeshrug*

  5. #cosign to the Maybach comment.

    Idk if I wanna ride in your Pinto... but that Maybach tho... *neneshrug*