Thursday, September 2, 2010

STUPIDfly:: Cokebags

I think girls are getting lazy.

We see pretty girls on the street all the time, but for whatever reason we feel like we can just be this way without effort. Chances are, you're not that fancy. And the Drake definition of fancy is the minimum a woman should be doing just to be excited with herself. I mean I hope you get your hair and nails done. You could just do them yourself though. Either way, it's just called maintenance.

I miss the frills of being a girl. Give me a pouffe skirt. Bedazzle everything. More clevage, more leg, more booty. pink Pink PINK! Either way women, step your cookies up! Here's a little something I think is STUPIDfly to get you excited about the extra involved with being a girl.

These are Bev Gloves. Really, really unnecessary, but look how cute and girly.
Bring the sexy back to what you do ladies. Please remember that Eve's femininity is what got us all here today. Since then our hips have ruined empires and ended wars. Our entire potential is limitless. Beauty and brains, watch the queen conquer.


  1. wow, can't say I'd use it but it is creative and girly...I bet people will buy it

  2. Yeah, why not ya know? Cokes are too small for me to have a whole pouch for them, but I'm all for anything that allows femininity!