Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eating Good in the Neighborhood

I LOVE the market! You can get all kinds of yummies like these on Benson St.

Yes LAWD. Snails. And we nah talkin' escargot!
Upon my family's recommendations, I ate at Jande's on Center St this week. It's owned my members of my family on my stepfather's side, so thanks in advance for footing the bill! You'll see it when you get here!

This was all that was left when I remembered to take a picture. Bong (casava/ yucca) fries: THE BEST. Who knew that a thin shave instead of a fat cut would make all the difference? They're so good he could bag 'em up and sell 'em at Lonestar football games if he wanted.

The only thing is that the plate of chicken and fries is $12 each. That's like charging ex-pat prices at a Liberian establishment. The clientele and the price don't click. Again, thanks Baba for taking that tab... it surprised me!

And in more simple delights:
I was walking to my tailor on Camp Johnson when I saw these treats on the street. If I ate street food, I'm sure I'd be delighted to have some shortbread buttered on all four sides or a meat pie, but I'm a bit of a food snob. I like to see running water near by before I dig in.

Great pics of the market coming soon. Room temperature cow foot anyone?!?

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