Monday, July 18, 2011

Liberian Living: Nelson Mandela Dreams

I should apologize for leaving you all hanging for so long. There's no better day to get back on the writing train for a struggling young journalist than Nelson Mandela's birthday. I think being in Liberia is a crazy experience, but if I can make it here I know I can make it anywhere. Anywhere except 27 years in a hard labor prison. Nelson Mandela's life puts a lot of things into perspective for me, and the first is that no matter where I think my ceiling is, I can always go a bit higher. Push a bit further. "Stay the course," as my mom likes to say before she gives me her "unbiased opinion" that if anyone can accomplish what I want from life, it's me.

Maybe I think I can do anything because she always told me so.

These plans I'm looking at are so wild, God HAS to intervene for them to be successful.

Working at the Mayor's office has its ups and downs like any job. The "up" is that I get to host and produce a great webisode with relevant content twice a month for my faithful viewers. The down is that I have a limited number of faithful viewers. I want Oprah's viewership. Pronto.

Everyday I try to do something new to further my career goals outside of MCC. Have you ever googled "African Female Presenters" or "African Lifestyle Television?" You don't get a lot of relevant results, I'll tell you that. This just shows me what an untapped domain I'm aiming for, and how much I'll have to convince the world that me and my talents are needed. I'm pretty scared. What if no one cares? What if Africans would rather watch Tyra and Ellen talk American culture on DSTV than let me, their fellow African, tell their stories to the world?

Well, here goes nothing. Like a true believer in the Law of Attraction, I decided to write out what it is I want from my life, and now that it's published I can't turn back.

  1. To host a show that draws a large audience globally and exposes that global audience to African people.
  2. To contribute to the modernization of Africa in business, technology, and culture.
  3. To speak at a Georgia Tech commencement ceremony.
  4. To build an orphanage to supreme standards that will educate many of Africa's great minds.
  5. To make my momma proud and free from financial burden.
That's really all I want.
Let the church say "Amen."

I'm enjoying the road so far, but imagine the days when this will be "way back when..." (!!!!)

Please pray for me. And I'm not asking in a superficial way, but I really have plans that seem so huge that my little body can't accomplish it all on my own.

"...when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I." --Psalm 61:2b

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  1. You're amazing. I wish you all the best of luck with your goals. I have big goals too, goals so big that I hardly believe I can ever accomplish them... but anything is possible! Let's never give up, and we'll both go far in life. Stay strong, girl!

    PS: I'm from Georgia too! Small world!