Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If You Wanna Be Somebody...

The city of Atlanta runs on status the way Escalades run on a ton of gas. Since this is supposed to be my college town, I want to know why it's not okay socially to just be in college. It seems everyone has a side gig of some sort, and I don't mean a tuition paying, part-time job. While I love that the spirit of Atlanta seems to spark an entrepreneurial gene in everyone's body, do all girls have what it takes to be a model, and do all guys who like to party feel it's their calling to be a promoter?

I don't even think people find these jobs to fulfill a passion to work, but more a desire to be a quasi-celeb. We're so infatuated with "celebrity" as a nation that it has trickled down to my little college experience.

The more direct effect it has in my mind is the way we date. I don't think I've ever dated a student who was just a student. He always had to have some sort of something. Whether he was an athlete, or passionate about some cause, organization, selling something, the like, I was always looking for someone to add a little bit of excitement to my life. Usually these guys are the worst for me, but do I change requirements because of a few let downs? I don't think so. This kind of sucks for the typical engineer right now, but I have a feeling my bias is gonna bite me in the ass later in life.

I read somewhere today (probably twitter, but you never know it could have been the New York Times) a super interesting quote: "Employees shouldn't hang out with employees because that strengthens your life as an employee. Spend time with bosses and become one yourself." Maybe we all want to do something more so we can eventually be something more. I just hope we don't regret speeding past the roses without stopping to smell them.

Are we entrepreneurs for ourselves or for other people? I'm still trying to understand what status really does for us. I've been trying to come to a grand conclusion as I write this. All I do know is happiness truly comes from within. Once you've impressed yourself, others will be impressed effortlessly. Happy Wednesday.

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