Thursday, April 29, 2010

I see you say you're now celibate, but I also know you've not exactly been a prude in the past. There's a saying "there's a fine line bw being sexually liberated and being a whore." How do you know which side of the line you're on?

Wow excellent question! I can say I've tried all sides of the sexual line, but nothing quite measures up to being honest with yourself about what it is you want, and why you're doing it. I prefer to say I'm sexually liberated because people treat sex like it's supposed to be so hush-hush in the media and to students, but violence is everywhere. I'd rather images of passion than hate, and I take it that seriously. Sex is good for your health when practiced safely, and good for your spirits when a woman learns to enjoy herself as much as she can. Men have no problem getting out there and making sure they're fulfilled, and ladies have earned that sort of satisfaction by simply being a woman. In summary, we need to make love more, whether it's with someone else or by ourselves!

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