Monday, April 5, 2010

Things I'm Loving Right Now: T-Shirts

It's always t-shirt season. They're light enough to work out in, thin enough to layer, and fly enough to make a statement. I found two awesome and affordable sites with t-shirts that I guarantee you won't find on anyone else. Except a few celebs and all of my really stylish readers. You're welcome in advance.

Minoritees has some really cute stuff for the urban girl to play in. If it's Janet approved, then there should be no hesitation in grabbing a few. My favorite style is this pink v-neck. They gave the soul sista wings and let her sit ontop of the world. I will be purchasing it as soon as I'm off my shopping fast. Hopefully the boutique will still be running, because the 30-70% off sale indicates the recession has stopped some people from buying Minoritees' reasonably priced merch. It's all up to you. Please buy a few tees and keep Minoritees open for at least a month so I can still be Janet Jackson bad just in time for my birthday. Thank you.

Yes, you too can be as fly as Beyonce in Wildfox Couture tees. I'll have to admit that it feels kind of nice to be able to afford the shirt Queen Bey wore to dinner one night. Yes it's one shirt, on one occasion, but who's counting? While you race to the website that hosts the cute top, check out some of the other 80s inspired, extremely feminine tops. They come in a slew of breezy designs and aren't very hard to fall in love with. They're original, they're glam, and they're still cotton. Go to the website and you'll soon notice you've seen their tees before. Welcome to the cool t-shirt club.

Feel like a celebrity yet? I love effortless chic too.

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