Friday, April 2, 2010

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Cheap Monday jeans: As a curvy female, I’m constantly on the hunt for the best jeans for my body. Everything I put on needs to look brand name. Let’s be honest, leggings are way comfier. However guys are catching onto the fact that they are the new fat girl attire. As soft as leggings are, and as much as they add the illusion of a butt for me, I need great jeans for practicality. When I found Cheap Monday jeans, I decided I could make the move from cotton to denim and rest assured my fake thickness would still be intact. Cheap Monday jeans have the perfect mixture of spandex and denim to have and to hold your body as long as you both shall be together. No really, they don’t fall like a typical low rise pant, and they don’t stretch out with wear like any other jeans I’ve bought. At between $65-$95 a pair, you can always find the best rise, fit and color for you, and still have cash left over to drop in that back pocket under their trademarked skeleton head logo. I have three pairs that I scooped from the Bill Hallman stores in Atlanta. My favs are my dark blue denims that come right to my belly button without mom-ifying my shape. I still look yummy.

The new J-Hud: She’s glowing, and if it’s Weight Watchers that’s helping her to do so, then sign me up. Jennifer Hudson has super slimmed down and looks amazing these days. The funny part is that I really don’t remember any other American Idols from her season. She took that opportunity and parlayed it into a glamorous, full figured and full blown career that can showcase all her talents. I doubt anyone saw it coming either. I believe in two things when it comes to success. First, things are considered impossible until someone does them. Second, no matter what you choose to do, be true to yourself. In my mind Jennifer Hudson is a perfect example of both of these, and I’m loving her right now.

Teedra Moses and her new mixtape Royal Patience: There’s no better “thanks” a fan can get than a free album of quality music. Being that Teedra Moses is my favorite singer in the world, I jumped at the chance to get some new music from her. It’d only been six years since her last CD. At any rate, Teedra’s sound is like none other. She’s got a soulful, smoky voice and her beats are catchy enough to keep you moving, but simple enough that they don’t overpower her vocals. Her mixtape can be downladed from her website here at your leisure. I love R&B mixtapes because typically there’s no obnoxious DJ talking over the songs. You can really enjoy the album as you were meant to. I enjoy this CD and Teedra’s passion from start to finish, but my favorite songs are Everybody Rock and Kisses Never Taste So Sweet. Yeah it’s girly, but what could you expect from me? I get tired of the “ho-talk” sometimes. Currently, Teedra’s on the Lady Hennessy tour. It doesn’t stop in Atlanta, but it does stop in three cities in Alabama (side eye). At any rate, tour information can be found here.

Hydrogen Peroxide as Makeup Remover: Don’t give me a weird face for this! I’m always hunting for a home remedy to something and you’d be surprised how perfect this one is for facial care. I had heard of using peroxide as a toner, and now I can cut costs in multiple ways with this one formula. I use it before bed, by pouring it on a cotton ball and rubbing it all over my face and neck, the same way I would any high priced makeup remover. I’m finding great results, even though I’m always super skeptical about products with names I have to look up in order to spell correctly. Really, many beauty products contain similar ingredients to peroxide and cost way more, so I recommend you try this out for yourself and see how surprisingly good a treat this can be for your face.

Keri Hilson at the Hawks game: Okay she did really mess up on the anthem words, but she sounded really good doing it. Anyone who can make a mistake and continue to push through gracefully to the end of his or her task deserves some sort of a gold star for effort. So be nice people! Atlanta’s a tough market!

Selita Ebanks: Just because. She's friggin hot :)


  1. can't wait to get to atl, to cop a pair of those damn jeans...and selita reminds mi soo much heather its effn

  2. Right! She's just so pretty daggum. And um we're gn be getting jeans from YOUR place my dear!