Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crucial Knockoffs!!

Yall remember these:

I've talked about these $3000 Swarovski Crystal encrusted Gianmarco Lorenzi pumps for about a year now. My spine tingles each time I see them. Now you can cop a hot knockoff. Thank me later.

One of my favorite blogs, 2bitchezdeep, put me on these $275 replicas with the same structure.They dropped the crystals and added the glitter, making these bad boys a bit more affordable for the Georgia Tech student who has experienced the new tuition increase. #badbitches go cop em please!

Angela, let me hold Fever's "Tiff" pump in black please!!


  1. yea.. i saw the fever ones!! i want them in black, sz 8.5 .. bday present Shelby lol gracias mucho hermana ; 0

  2. LMAO I want them so damn bad in the black as well!!! Yummmm

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