Sunday, October 24, 2010

STUPIDfly :: Bury me in Bullets

I've always wanted another way to use bullets. Maybe the war baby inside of me longs to finally mix the pain with the pleasure, because I can't get enough of the bullet jewelry I've found making headlines this year. Let me put you on game.

Akawelle :: Aka --also known as; Wel'le --love

The Akawelle Necklace was designed by a Liberian teenager named Lovetta Conto for Strongheart Fellowship. You can read about her here as told to CNN's Inside Africa. All I know is I want one for graduation. Both pieces are made of one bullet shell. The same bullets that took my country to the ground can be my worn symbol of strength.

And it's pretty cute.
Throw it on a different chain and keep it forever. Conto's also made other high fashion pieces. This is my favorite.

Then there's the BulletGirl jewelry line whose pieces are absolute showstoppers.

Conto melts the bullets into metal and shapes them into different pieces, whereas BulletGirl will have you rockin' ammunition on your wrist.

BulletGirl jewelry can range anywhere from $100 to $3000, but it's a very edgy alternative to your standard Tiffany and Co. I'd get married to a princess cut set in a bullet shell if they make the band thinner, but that's just me.


Passionately yours.
If I'm fake I ain't notice cuz my money aint!

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  1. Love this post. I hadn't heard about Lovetta Conto until I read this. I'm definitely going to check her out. Thanks for putting us on.