Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Comfort is a Big Word

Why does every woman on the Oprah show say she got more comfortable with herself when she hit 40? The middle-aged women of the world love to make it seem like the 20s are a time of uncertainty and the 40s are truly the golden years. As you get older, you fall into your true self and then you quit wanting to save the world and just aim to save your sanity.

Well, I know a little of who I am, and I hope I'm always going to be a wild child.Part of wanting to be a public figure is being comfortable sharing my wild childness with you and hoping that you like her. Maybe Queen O and her guests are right. I guess I have to turn 40 in order to know what being 40's like, but me and my botox will take that next 40 like I'm doing this first 40... for every ounce that it's worth and in amazing shoes.

I feel blessed for every opportunity I'm given and every person in my life. Comfortable? Nah. I can't be comfortable until I'm where I want to be (of which I still don't know the location). When I am 40 however, I hope I'm not comfortable then either. I guess here's where we draw the line distinguishing 'comfortable with oneself' from 'comfortable with one's life.' I always thought they went together.

Whoopi Goldberg told Oprah she took the job at The View because no one was hiring her for movies. This seems crazy when you consider that she was at one point the highest paid actress in Hollywood. At age 52, when jobs aren't coming in, it's a no-brainer. You put comfort to the side and replace it with hunger. You reinvent yourself. You use your talents and seek opportunity. Most important, you run from the word 'comfortable.' Maybe Whoopi knows who she is at this point, but I bet she didn't know this would be what she would be doing. Not a bad gig at all, and I bet you comfort wouldn't have gotten her there.

Comfort scares me. I believe in evolution.


  1. Comfort scares the hell out of me, BUT, I would have to say I am comfortable in the skin I'm in. For the longest, I wasn't comfortable with confronting truths that were .."uncomfortable"..for the lack of better words. So from that prospective, I understand that.

    But I think not being "comfortable" in your sense of the word disables true growth. Like, I always want to make the best better...lol..ya know?

    Great post Shelby :-)

  2. OOH I love. Thanks for converging minds with me.