Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting My Body Right!

As the lesson for today is about intense realism (see previous post), now more than ever I have to be completely realistic about my body size and the changes that need to be made. According to physicians and trainers all over, my size and frame should only hold about 130lbs. This means I need to drop 33lbs to look tight. In order to do this, I've put down the fried sushi, and picked up a personal trainer named Jody. Jody's clients include the fabulous Keri Hilson, Polow da Don, a few strippers and video models, and now the most spectacular me. His wife was even a gold medal winner at the 1996 Olympics. That's only slightly intimidating. Take a quick peek at the start and finish of today's workout. Please excuse the Nicki Minaj in my car, I have to get my energy high to keep up with him!

Since I've been counting down the days to my hot bod, I leave you with a special list to allow you to keep me accountable.

The Top 10 Things I'm Going to do When I Drop This Weight:
10. Run around the campus in a sports bra and leggings so everyone can see me and be jealous/ honk.
Buy my string bikini.
8. Wear it.
7. Borrow one of Aisha's shirts. I just want to borrow it. I'll give it back. Most sisters can share stuff, and she's gonna HATE me when I can fit her clothes!
6. Get the tattoo of my favorite quote in the world by Ntozake Shange in script on my side.
5. Gloat.
4. Eat. I want macaroni & cheese, some super southern fried chicken, and hennessy and apple juice. Spare no caloric expense!
3. Remove the weave and cut a bob. I love short hair on slim girls and I'm going to be one. At least until I miss my Indian Wavy.
2. Take a million Macbook pics where I'm kinda sorta naked. Then I'll slowly leak them so I can become famous and have my own perfume and E! show. They're both handouts these days, and I don't mind jumping on this bandwagon.
1. Continue to workout, because I really am trying to make a conscious lifestyle change.

Hey Jody, no pressure!


  1. This is awesome, girl! I'm impressed by your candor and honesty. I definitely feel this though - I may have to talk to you about hitting up Jody!

    You go girl! I'm rooting for you. :)

  2. Awwww Archel!! First off let me say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogs, it is so wonderful girl and I am so proud of you for doing so well!! But i had to comment on this one because I go to Jody too (well, I go in the summer, and havent been since last summer since im in school in Nashville, sooooo needless to say im a bit out of shape, and bit is an ... See Moreexageration! LOL! SO tell Jody and Adrian I LOVE them, I will be back this summer and good luck girl you work hard and do it big!! That way when I come back to them this summer you are already skinny running around in your sports bra (which I am about 20 summers of workouts away from, but you GET IT!!! LOL!!!) Hopefully when I get out of dental schoo, I will be right behind you!! Again so proud of you and keep me posted on how erthing goes!! Good luck! : )

  3. Go ahead girl! i'm loving the blog. "I hate you Jody!!"(Taraji P. from Baby Boy), I know thats probably what your thinking during your workout!

  4. Shelby, you've got to PUT DOWN THE CHOCOLATE!! Skinny girls don't walk around with KitKat in their handbags!!
    I need to tell Jody about this...! Love, Mom

  5. So... What's your favorite Ntozake Shange quote? "I found God in myself and I loved her... I loved her fiercely"?

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