Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I'm Loving Right Now: Green Juice Blends

When the world got on this "get healthy" kick, I went right along with them. Yes, I, the palm oil eating Liberian girl whobegins looking forward to traditional Thanksgiving dinner in December decided to extremely reform my diet. Step one was to begin to get my proper share of leafy greens, and I've decided to get them effortlessly in these yummy green juices. For tastes, they usually add an apple juice or mango puree, but for nutrients you can expect to find high doses of spinach, broccoli, wheatgrass, and other green things I would never cook on my own. All these drinks are pretty high calorie, as the fruit juices make it taste better, but it's fiber fiber FIBER! And Jody says that green juice is great as long as I drink lots of water.

The first green juice I tried is this one from Trader Joe's. It's definitely the thickest of the three, but it has a pretty good taste to it. It's pretty popular with people according to reviews online. This size bottle is $2.50, and if you're like me you won't finish it all in one sitting.

The second one is from Arden's Garden. The bottle is very plain, with nothing on the label except the ingredients. Arden's Garden is known for its juices and smoothies, so it was only fair to see what the experts sold as their specialty. This drink was the most refreshing of the three, with the cucumber and celery flavors being so distinctive. It's also about 60cents more expensive than the others.

The last one was a quick grab at Publix. It's manufactured by Naked and is definitely the tastiest of the three. I don't know what it is about the blend of the fruits and veggies, but you kind of forget you're sipping wheatgrass. The trade is that this juice has more calories. It's got the same greens as the Trader Joe's juice but a bit better blend. They're also the same price, but hey, you have your fun and taste test as we did at home.

I tweeted Whole Foods about how to make a green juice, and they tweeted me back this. Yeah I thought it was too much effort too, but at least this way you can control the amount of sugars you take in.

Other things I love right now: this commercial and Mechad Brooks. It relates because he's healthy and I'm healthy and we could be healthy together.

Can I get an Amen?


  1. OMg! Don't I ♥ this commercial too! I could not believe my eyes when you showed it to me. Whenever, I'm down at work I need to long onto your blog and play this commercial. Lol

  2. wish I had read the Tips and Warnings section on the e-how site. I went for the whole bottle in one sitting. Mistake. I love the post though, and I might try it again one day.