Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Showcase Recap

I wanted to thank all of the beautiful ladies that came out to my showcase this past Saturday. I will always say I have the best supporters in the world, and I hope that everyone understands how much great friends mean to me. I have become this sort of "Jane of all trades" as I search to find my real calling in life, and I love that so many are willing to share in my growth. Here are some snapshots of the goodies you all seemed to enjoy.

Honestly, I probably wouldn't have sold as much without my sisters. Everything they put on sold really fast. I love my cheap labor models :) Muah! PS: I'm wearing a Heart EU.RI.KA. necklace in this photo. Amazing jewelry that was also being sold at the showcase!

Friends from all areas came out to try stuff on! I was so excited and really couldn't move fast enough to see all the cute things you tried on!

I know I was supposed to send out thank you emails to everyone, but more than that I just want you to know how amazing it is to see people here wearing the same styles and prints as the women of Liberia. I love that fashion really can unite people. It sounds silly, but imagine, you have a little piece of West Africa for spring! Thanks so much for showing support, and thanks to my dad and Uncle Leon for being my importers this go 'round. Also thanks to my Aunt Jenny and Jules for refreshments. Of course there was more than enough rum punch and sweet potato cheesecake leftover that I was super happy the rest of the week.

So for next time, I'm going to try to have pretty bags for you to take your dresses home in. Also the price is going up :(

Any ideas on a company name??!?


  1. Beautiful dresses, I wish I could have been there. Btw, the layout is lovely. And what is Aisha holding in her hand?

  2. That's the top part of that dress. It can be worn many ways. That one sold right at the beginning of the party!