Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celebrity Stylist Ashleigh Jeter

For the longest time I thought musicians were just stylish. Like in order to be a celebrity, you just had to know how to dress. I never understood that they really just have the right people whose duty is to make them look elegant at night and effortlessly put together by day. Meet Ashleigh Jeter: Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Creative Director of Kay Dane’ (kaydaneonline.com). Ashleigh’s resume includes dressing stars like Amerie, FloRida, UK’s Alexandra Burke, and even Erykah Badu. She’s real, she’s hot, and she’s got a few words and tips for you to look A-list without an A-team.

SJB: How did you get your start in fashion?

AJ: Fashion has always been in my blood. I originally moved to Atlanta to go to school for fashion design & marketing. Well... I never finished school and almost forgot that it was my passion. A friend of mine who is a video director actually gave me my first big break. He took a chance with me on a large budget music video and I haven't looked back since. Being in Atlanta has its pros because everyone from artist to managers even to the labels come here. But being able to travel to LA and NY is where most of my actual work comes from.

SJB: How do you feel about people starting clothing lines that don't necessarily sew?

AJ: Creativity is the major component to fashion. If you don't know how to sew, so what?? You find someone to out source your natural creative idea and make it happen. It’s the design and concept that set you apart not the needle and thread!

SJB: What would you say is the key to individual style?

AJ: Just be yourself and let it shine through your wardrobe! Don't be scared to take risks, and start trends. Funk it up! When you stop being afraid, when you realize the world is creative, and that you are a leader! That is when life becomes fun. You are no longer living in a box, abiding by others’ rules of "playing it safe.” Your creativity is spoken through your style!

And with that, she leaves us with her top three must-haves for winter for girls and guys! Find some of these pieces on www.kaydaneonline.com, and find others in your everyday stores. Although the styles may not be for everyone, they may be bold enough for you!

For My Girls: Kay Dane’ Slasher Split Legging ($128), shown on Amerie in photo, and on dancers in video. Available at www.kaydaneonline.com; Riding Boots, I love the Collinson by Aldo ($180) in black or cognac; Printed Mini Dresses, I really like the Striped Structured Alice Dress by Motel ($65), available at www.topshop.com or the Kimchi Blue 80s Floral Strapless Dress ($30), available at Urban Outfitters.

Something for the Fellas: Mosley Tribes Sunglasses, Free City style ($235), available at www.mosleytribes.com; Military Jacket, Shades of Greige Round Collar Coat ($158), available at Urban Outfitter; Combat Boot, Cesare Paciotti ($210), available at zappos.com

Follow Ashleigh's blog at www.uberchictalk.blogspot.com

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