Friday, November 13, 2009

Lazy Friday

Hi All--

This article I'm working on is taking a bit longer than necessary but no worries, my distraction is leaving town for the weekend so today is my cop out day as I revamp material and conduct some interviews for the next few weeks. I wanted to give you some things to read and think about. The point of my page is to exercise thought for the intelligent mind, so even if I'm not writing it, I know you want to be fed by more than a gossip column.

1-- This first page is something to think about while we "mourn" the jail sentences of TI, Gucci, Wayne, and Boosie. As unfortunate as they may be, excuse me if I feel our concerns should be placed somewhere else.

2-- You can never have too many money saving tips, especially at this time. Another Clutch Magazine clip you're sure to gain a thought or two from.

3-- Why your budget may not be as beneficial as you may think.

4-- Another piece, this goes into why you should all celebrate my favorite midweek occasion.

5-- Let's go back to the beginning, if you're confused about this healthcare reform. You don't have to tell anyone you clicked this link.

6-- I love this site because it's called "The Frisky." Who knew? One of my favorite topics: Silent Revenge on an Ex

7-- Self explanatory really: I like the older man and so does she!

These are all really smart, witty columns and I hope I haven''t let any of you down by posting them. Just don't develop any sort of dependencies during my one day hiatus.

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