Friday, November 27, 2009

Morning Sex: The Formula to Starting the Day off Nicely

“Morning sex is probably the greatest sex you can have all day long,” started a super excited, anonymous caller/ follower of mine in response to my refreshing twitter question. The topic for the day added a little spice to the morning in more ways than one. I wanted to get to the bottom of morning sex, the excitement and the pitfalls, and if you weren’t in the middle of the act during my poll, you were sounding off on my page, through text message, or through direct contact.

Who wouldn’t want to start their day off with a little bit of breakfast lovin’? It seemed more females than our counterparts were excited to take a morning turn, but as with anything we all have our preferences.

The Clean Mouth Campaign:

“Someone HAS to brush!” – Angelique (@LoveAngel84)

It might be appreciated if at least one person did...preferably the person that did the waking up. But if not just don't kiss lol.” – Crystal (@SeeSiSea)

Let’s just jump straight into the dirt of the matter. Do you brush or don’t you? Part of the excitement of morning sex is the spontaneity of the act. When you roll over and your man is experiencing nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT is a real case, look it up!), and you just can’t waste the good morning greeting on the other side of the bed. Do you fight it for just three minutes and handle the harsh situation in your mouth?

“It kinda takes away from the ‘as I am’ appeal of morning sex and just becomes sex in the morning though, doesn't it?” –Justin (@Phlocaine)

Brushing would be appreciated but then you’re not just rolling over and doing it.” – Naz (@MissTubman)

So let’s try and be solution oriented with this matter. Keep gum or mints by the bed, just for access to a quick fix if you’re going to partake in morning glory. It would be nice if someone, at least one of you, slipped out of the bed to at least gargle mouthwash. Then again, this is sex. No one said anything about kissing… If you’re both too lazy or too excited to handle your breath, then I hope the height proportions keep your faces far away from each other. Try a position that doesn’t put you face to face, and maybe breathe less? I've heard spooning from the back works wonderfully.

The Fun Factor:

Morning sex is my fave, not gonna lie. No preparation, it shows that we're comfortable.” –Sharonda (@Wames)

If morning sex is too good I'll wanna go back to sleep, of course I take the risk though.” – Anonymous

So we have all decided it is a fun activity and great way to spice up the daily routine. After a while, sex can become more of the same, and who knew that the time of day could mix up the way you feel about the action. Morning sex can turn a good day into a great one… or an unproductive one. To make the most of this experience, please try to stay focused on what you have to do afterward. Maybe use it as a prelude to greater things to come after work. You can even try a little time limit. We’re all busy, so giving in to a little temptation is easy and enjoyable enough, but when morning sex is hindering real world success, you may need to reevaluate ‘rising’ with the sun.

“Shower together. Conserve water you know? Also get brunch afterwards. Or make breakfast together. Super comfortable. Love it!” – Neela (@Neeeela)

“Best feeling after a bad dream. Stay in bed for an extra 2 hours. F*** going to work/class.” – Wynton (@F1ash_Gordon)

There are great ways to make this a creative and intimate morning date if you have the time. For most, it’s just a quick fix. But keeping your mind open to the possibilities can only add to your relationship. Morning sex is usually a surprise, so how many more brownie points can you get with some surprise scrambled eggs on the side?

The word most frequently used by women in their responses was “comfortable.” In the morning, a woman may not feel she’s at her sexiest state. If they’re like me, their hair is in a bonnet, all the makeup is gone, and what I couldn’t remove is smeared (too much of a visual??). Bottom line is if I’m going to do something sexy, I’d like to look the part as well. But there’s no more comfortable place in the world than in bed with my boo in the morning. Wouldn’t you agree? That feeling alone sets the scene anyone should need to get going. Kisses and compliments are appreciated, but the companionship and our chemistry at this time should be effortless and mindblowing. Are you getting the correlation?

….ummm I’d Rather Get My Sleep:

“I don’t care what it’s for, no one needs to wake me up so they can get their anything else up!” – Anonymous

So what if you’re “that type” that just doesn’t want it first thing? I always think “where there’s a will there’s a way!” However, this might take more effort on the partner. If there’s a specific time when the morning-sex-monster has to be awake, start the games then. Alarm clocks aren’t necessary to wake people up, and which would you prefer, a little lovin’ or a harsh buzzin’? It might add pep in your partner’s step. Try setting the mood, and don’t rush anything. Soft music or a scented candle may wake a sleeping beauty on the proper side of the bed. Hormones build up overnight during sleep, so use this to your advantage. Of course a lot of my wonderful peers said oral sex is the surefire way to get into the action, and as I’m certain this is true, my mom is a big fan of my blog and I’d rather not go there as I’m sure I’ve already said much more than she would like to hear. I’ll just close with my favorite phrase: you can never have too much of a good thing.

Really cool article on morning sex:

A few updates:

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much, it is the end of the semester and a girl is almost at graduation!

I did accept the offer from WSB (the ABC News affiliate in Atlanta) and I will be there 20 hours a week in the spring… now if only Monica Pearson would retire and pass the baton…

Is it just me or does a Thanksgiving diet leave anyone else with a muffintop over their jeans? Is that too much visual again? Sorry :/

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