Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why Moms are the Best

So I text my mom today to no response. However I logged onto Facebook with this message in my inbox.

I know you don't want me editing your blog (and you're doing an excellent job so you really don't need my input) but you should know: IN LIEU OF means instead of or in place of.and when you write 'you and I' or 'you and me,' a good way to determine which one to use is to write the sentence dropping the "you and" in your mind ie: "I'd like to focus on you and me tonight" or "It's so fun when you and I go camping." oh, and remember, if it's at the end of the sentence it's always ME. as in "The story is about you and me." Keep up the good work!

So while her intentions are amazing, there are a few issues here:
1. Moms shouldn't have facebook.
2. Moms should text back if they know how to text.
3. Moms care so much. Yes that's an issue and a blessing.

Maybe this is only funny to me, but I'm pretty sure all moms have their "things." If only I could get you people to use my comment box below to tell me I'm not the only one with a wonderful mom...


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  2. My mother, who I affectionately refer to as Re-Re (her childhood nickname) has plenty of quirks. My mother is one of the most caring people in the world, sometimes it comes off as nosiness, however, she genuinely cares about pretty much everyone. She's a social butterfly, and thanks to her many friends, associates, and connections I have found jobs, scholarships, food, books and many other resourceful things I need in college. I could go on and on about how much I love my mother, but the best example of this is how much I strive to be like her. I hear countless time how much I look, sound and act like her. This is the best compliment anyone could give me because I truly respect, admire, aim to be as wonderful of a person as my mother.

  3. My mom's thing is grooming. No matter how hard I try I am reduced to a 5-year old by her 10 point inspection. Either my eyebrows need smoothing, or my blouse need pulling up (LOL!) or my hair is too wild. Every once in a while she asks if I remembered to wash behind my ears...*sigh*

  4. Oh Cousin, I know what you mean all too well. All this stuff looks GREAT, keep it up. I'll be reading on. Very entertaining stuff.
    Much love,
    Matt M

  5. that is HILARIOUS. Just like mom... but in her defense, she was totally correcting you on 7th grade grammar there.
    Maybe I'm like mom this way, but I feel like once a month I catch somebody misusing In lieu of. It makes me cringe, but the other night, I had to call this kid out on it. he did it twice in under a minute and I had to do it. I just had to.