Sunday, November 8, 2009

High Heels and Top Deals

Yesterday I went shoe shopping for work (I love this job), and sought to bring you the hottest shoes for the most reasonable prices. On a little piece of Atlanta there lie two trendy shoe stores with completely different attitudes and all you need to step up your shoe and accessory game. Yes it was very hard to leave empty handed, but my reward will be simply putting you in the know for all things shoes at Defoor Place in Atlanta. At least that's what I'm telling myself...

I started at the Shoe Depot. I was met by Cherie and Tim Watts, the husband and wife owners of the boutique, and when I say I left ready to party I am only talking about the feelings I got from the shoes and the boisterous clientele on a mission to find the perfect pump. Enough of the small talk, check out the merchandise.

The first pair of really exciting pumps I fell on were these tan, snake print, platformed heels. They look comfy, and I have another pair of black ones I purchased from Aldo for literally twice the price that I can't get enough of. A steal at $59.50 (Jeffery Campbell), this python is a fall want that will definitely add definition to an outfit.

Then I came across the thigh high boots. Thigh high's are a very sexy MUST this winter, and we've seen them on the legs of too many celebrities to name. Since it is definitely a trend shoe, I say we only spend $39.90 (Bumper) and still have some cash left over to shop with when the next hot thing shows up. They come in purple and black also, and oh, is that a red bottom I see?

My favorites in the store were by far these Puzzle half boots by Promise. They had a really unique texture and have an appearance you wouldn't find on the girl next door, or even the girl in the booth next to you. The simple black color makes it easy for you to pair it with anything, but the crazy cut will take your outfit to another level. The hottest steal in the store for $35.50. Tim had to pry them out of my hands as I was leaving.

Another reason to shop here is the large collection of blingy jewelry. Cherie let me in on a little secret: the only real diamond that Braves and Falcons' wives wear to the games are the rings on their left hand. The earrings come from their store. Even Judge Hatchett and Monica Pearson have been spotted getting their shine on with Shoe Depot earrings. Once a big secret, now you can have the look of high fashion for less.

Overwhelmed, my next stop was Goodee 2 Shoes across the street. Here, you can find a more professional shoe that can still pack a powerful statement in an office or event. The Marsh Family has found a lot of success with shoes as this is one of three Atlanta locations. They pride themselves on having larger sizes and something for every style type. The goodee's are as follows:

These power pumps by J. Renee' absolutely add a touch of shine to a drab office look. The cut is still classic, but the pattern bold and moving. At $49.99, you're not breaking the bank to break necks either. Not as wild as an animal print, but not as subdued as a plain nude, this is the perfect compromise of tasteful style.

This upgraded Mary Jane by Gomax also turns up a school girl look, and at $19.99 they probably cost less than a week's school lunch. Definitely a fun way to spruce up everyday attire, and the modest heel makes it possible to whip these out when you just want to walk around campus without looking like you have club plans after class. You can't tell here, but the red bottom's back again...

While in Goodee 2 Shoes I learned Harajuku is definitely for Lovers, and I had to peel myself away from anything with that brand on the bottom. I did get pictures of a couple hot pieces to look at and imagine on my feet. Like the black Avalon pump with the adorable heart cut out, and the lavish Aleria sandal (shown with the bracelet on top), both of these with a fun cut and heel, and very hard to say no to at $89.99 a piece. Did I mention I love my job?

Shoe shopping can be quite intense, but now that you know where to go to find couture pieces at broke diva prices, I believe you are ready to meet any task that comes your way (...maybe just a shoe task or something that involves walking). When you look good, you feel good, and if shoes can help you with that part that's alright by me.

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