Wednesday, November 4, 2009

--SJB Exposed--

The thing I hate about blogging is that when you write something, it can become a misrepresentation of knowledge. So here's my disclaimer: I'm only an expert on matters of my heart and soul.

That being said, here I am. Exposed. Archel Jamie Bernard. More affectionately called Shelby.

A friend of mine said I should passionately attempt blogging again. What good is a journalist with no active journal?

So to begin I will randomly express my ordered thoughts.

This is me. Where I'm from makes no matter, because what I believe is all that you should be concerned with. My heart beats for a few ideas.

The most important thing is indeed loving yourself.
Kirstie Alley was on Oprah yesterday and as they discussed her weight loss, Oprah told her she would never be successful with her process if she kept trying to do it for a show. There are some things you have to do just for you. When you reach for that goal, that extra push has to come from within yourself, and the momentum is just the knowledge that you can. The past few weeks have been some of the most personally pleasing for me for a number of reasons, but they all boil down to my own appreciation of my 5'3 1something lb body that is mine and mine forever. And I can't become a wonderful imitation of another. I can only be a marvelous individual. The first ME.

Release the constraints others have and chase the most beautiful, appealing life you can, for you.
I believe you, my friend and reader, are blessed in ways unbeknown to you. So take all the steps you can to find your best self. Don't skip over a must like believing in yourself.

I firmly believe there's enough success in the world for everyone trying to get it.
By keeping my integrity and understanding my individual power, I'm sure to get my share. The things you send into the world will surely come back to you. I don't call it karma, I just call that God. Whatever you call it, be humbled by it because it is a damn powerful force.

Lastly, you really never know whose life you may be impacting with your actions. Everyday moods are changing, ideas evolving, thoughts transforming. What will your role be? When you go to sleep at night, do you know the day is done? As far as enemies go, let them say what they want. Your impact is so lasting that it is being noticed by people who aren't in your inner circle. Your wings are spreading. Your reach is just that strong. It's starting: You are maximizing your potential. Hold your head high, these are things to be proud of.

Welcome to
SJB The Words. My feelings and my "masterpeace" are just drawn from my life as I've lived it. I hope in this way I can impact you with my actions, but if not this is just me, exposed, for me.


  1. Hey baby, great blog.. I'm looking forward to reading more on the exploration of Shelby... Much Love, your mentor..

  2. Ha! Don't I remember your very first post! I've been a fan since day one. I can wait to say the same thing about your first show. :)